NexDock Touch is a touchscreen laptop dock for smartphones (or Raspberry Pis and other mini PCs)

The folks at NexDock have been making laptop docks for smartphones for a few years. Here’s the basic idea: give your phone a bigger screen, a full-sized keyboard, and a touchpad by plugging your mobile device into a gadget that looks like a laptop computer.

Now NexDock has introduced a new model called the NexDock Touch.

As the name suggests, the main thing that sets this model apart from its predecessors is the inclusion of a touchscreen display. But the new model also has a larger display, slimmer bezels, and a higher capacity than the NexDock 2, which started shipping earlier this year.

The NexDock Touch is available for pre-order for $249 starting today, and it’s scheduled to begin shipping at the end of August…

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