Microsoft Edge brings Pinterest integration to Collections

Microsoft is stepping up its game with the Collections feature in Microsoft Edge. Announced at the company’s Build 2020 conference, Edge’s collections are getting Pinterest integration to help you bring your collections to your Pinterest boards.

Collections already work a little bit liek Pinterest boards, allowing you to easily capture things like design ideas, recipes, and other links and images around the web. In integrating with Pinterest, you’ll begin to see Pinterest suggestions at the bottom of your collections. If you click a suggestion, Edge will open a board of trending Pins that are similar to your collection.

Beyond suggestions, you can now export any of your collections to Pinterest. Websites and images that you’ve added to the collection you sync will then be added to a new board on your Pinterest account.

Pinterest integration is expected to start rolling out to Edge’s Insider testing channels this week.

In addition to Pinterest integration, Microsoft is also adding a “search in sidebar” option to quickly dig up more information about words and phrases without leaving the current page. IT managers will also soon get the option to set what Edge is allowed to sync between devices. That’s in addition to data security improvements like Windows Information Protection, which helps keep personal and corporate data separate…

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