Google brings tab groups to Chrome

Google Chrome is getting a new feature that’s actually kind of old… support for tab groups.

Currently available in Chrome 83 Beta for desktop operating systems, the new feature lets you organize your browser tabs into groups. Tab groups will be available to Chrome stable channel users starting when Chrome 83 is released on May 19… but Google says it’s going to roll out the feature slowly, so not ever user may have access on day one.

Here’s how tab groups works:

  • Right-click on a tab to add it to a new group.
  • Click the icon that pops up next to your tab to give it a custom color and name.
  • Right-click on other tabs and choose the add-to-group option.
  • Now all your grouped tabs will hang out near one another, with clearly labeled dividers between them.
  • Drag and drop tabs between groups to change the organization.

By assigning related tabs to a group, you can make sure that everything for work, home, shopping, or other activities are all hanging out together to save you time when flipping back and forth. You could also use tab groups to set priorities for different sets of tabs, or find other ways to use the new feature to manage websites and web apps…

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