Gole11 is a small, low-power desktop PC with an 11.6 inch display for $99 and up during crowdfunding

A few years ago Chinese PC maker Gole released an odd little device called the Gole1 that blurred the lines between desktop and tablet computers by stuffing full-sized ports into a pocket-sized computer with a 5 inch display and a battery.

Now the company has introduced a new system called the HiGole F11APL which is basically a compact desktop computer with a built-in 11.6 inch touchscreen display. Like many of Gole’s products, it’s designed for commercial, retail, or industrial use. But it could also make an interesting companion device for home office, theater, or gaming setups.

Gole sells the HiGOLE F11APL for $229 through its Alibaba store, but Charbax from ARMDevices.net is working with Gole on an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that will let you pick one up for $99 and up…

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