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Windows 10X would also be intended for tablets and PCs

Announced in October 2019, Windows 10x is the operating system for the Surface Neo, a new kind of dual-screen device. It is a modified version of Windows 10 whose interface is specifically designed for this type of device. It has a new explorer, a revised Start menu and many other modifications. In general, it offers a different experience from that of the standard system.

Microsoft has launched a Windows 10x emulator that allows developers to adapt their applications to the new interface, which allowed developers to have an overview of how the system looks on dual-screen devices. A developer who’s name is Gustave Monce has just spotted a new image in the emulator which suggests that Microsoft is working on a version compatible with larger devices, but also equipped with a single screen.

In other words, Windows 10x could well be available in a version installable on classic tablets, even on traditional laptops. It could be the spiritual successor of Windows RT. It’s a version of Windows 8 that was available in October 2012 for ARM devices. It was available for some conventional tablets and convertible Surface computers (2-in-1)…

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