Amazfit X smartwatch goes on global sale for $149 via Indiegogo

Huami has now launched the Amazfit X smartwatch with a curved design that wraps around the wrist like a bracelet. The Xiaomi ecological chain partner unveiled the Amazfit X as a concept smartwatch in August 2019. The tech giant later announced in December last year that the product was ready for mass production. In January 2020, a product page for the sleek watch went live on Indiegogo indicating that the launch would take place soon.

Indeed, the page went live on Tuesday (April 28) with the smartwatch starting at $149 for the Super early birds deal. The IGG Special offer comes in at $179 while you can pick up two at a little lower price of $298. All offers come with free shipping and the products ships worldwide. However, shipping will commence in August which means you’ll still have to wait for a few months before you can lay your hands on the smartwatch. Notwithstanding, as at the time of reporting, the crowdfunding has recorded over $350,000 USD from 2,228 backers.

As a reminder, the Amazfit X adopts an all-metal integrated design with hidden electronic buttons that replace the traditional buttons. The watch features a proprietary 2.07-inch flexible curved screen with a super-arc curvature of 92°. The curvature is said to have been achieved by heating the metal body through an ultra-high temperature of 700°C with a 6-bend bending process.

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