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Apple Music is available on Samsung Smart TVs

You no longer need an Apple TV box to play Apple Music on the big screen in your living room. As of today, Apple Music is available on 2018 and newer Samsung Smart TVs — the first time it’s been available from a TV maker, or any third-party TV media player for that matter. You’ll have access to the same features you’d find on other devices, including Beats 1 radio and music videos. The interface will also be very, very familiar if you’ve used the Apple TV version.

The service has been on a wide variety of non-Apple platforms for a while, including Android and Alexa-powered smart speakers. This is relatively uncharted territory, however. Apple Music integration has been an incentive to buy an Apple TV if you’re already invested in the company’s ecosystem, and now you might not need any external device to start listening on your TV…

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