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This case turns the NUC 10 into a fanless Comet Lake PC

Intel’s NUC line of desktop computers are small, but they’re not exactly silent — most feature fans for active cooling. The Intel “Frost Canyon” NUC 10 I reviewed recently runs quieter than most laptops, but under heavy load you can certainly hear the fan spin up.

But if you’re willing to trade size for silence, the new Akasa Turing FX is a third-party case that brings passive cooling to the NUC 10.

Already available in Europe for about $130, the Akasa Turing FX should be available in North America soon.

The Akasa Turing FX case measures about 9.8″ x 4.5″ x 3.7″. That’s pretty small by desktop computer standards, but still a lot larger than the 4.6″ x 4.4″ x 2″ NUC 10 with a fan.

But the additional space gives the computer’s motherboard, and other components more room to breathe — and wraps them in an aluminum case designed to help dissipate heat without the use of a fan. There’s even a dedicated heat sink that sits atop the computer’s M.2 solid state drive…

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