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Samsung demos ‘full potential’ of 5G mmWave with speeds of 8.5Gbps

Samsung has announced that the company has achieved the industry’s fastest 5G speeds in a lab demonstration that combined 800MHz of mmWave spectrum with MU-MIMO technology, running on Samsung 5G mmWave Access Unit.

The company said that it pushed a total of 8.5Gbps to a pair of mobile phones in a lab test that used 800MHz of millimetre wave (mmWave) spectrum and carrier aggregations to deliver approximately 4.3Gbps to each of the devices.

Samsung said the test showed mmWave was capable of delivering multi-gigabit speeds that lower spectrum bands were incapable of. Millimetre wave radios are already setting cellular speed records, and now Samsung is showing how new small cells will be accelerating downloads on multiple devices.

The company says that the wide bandwidth from mmWave spectrum enables mobile operators to provide multi-gigabit speeds that lower band spectrums for transformational 5G mobile services. It adds that mobile operators will be able to deliver new and rich services such as 8K video streaming, AR remote learning and holistic VR teleconferencing as well as new use cases…

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