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Samsung launches Galaxy S20 series (including the first phone with 16GB of RAM)

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone has garnered a lot of headlines in recent weeks. But odds are the company will sell a lot more Samsung Galaxy S20 series phones in the coming months. While the Flip is a niche device aimed at folks looking to pay a premium price for a modern take on the classic flip phone, the Galaxy S20 is Samsung’s first true flagship of 2020.

The follow-up to last year’s Galaxy S10, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is an upgrade in just about every way. Faster processor?Check. 5G support? It comes standard. Camera upgrades. Yup.

And folks willing to pay a bit more for the highest-priced models can also pick up a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the first smartphone available with up to 16GB of RAM… whether you really need it or not…

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