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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a modern flip phone with a flexible glass display

Samsung’s first smartphone with a foldable AMOLED display got mixed reviews, but at least it had a clear selling point — it’s a phone that also works as a tablet when unfolded. The company’s next phone is a modern smartphone that… you can fold in half.

If early reviews of the similarly-shaped Motorola Razr are anything to go by, that’s a weird value proposition.

But Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip does at least have a few things going for it that the new Razr does not. It’s got high-end specs including a (slightly dated) flagship-class processor. And it’s the first foldable phone to feature a flexible glass display rather than a plastic screen, which could make it more pleasant to look at and to touch. Maybe. I guess we’ll see.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be available starting February 14th for $1380…

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