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Microsoft Edge for Surface Pro X (ARM64) is now in the Insider Beta channel

Following the full release of the new Microsoft Edge browser for all Windows and macOS devices the ARM64 variant has now graduated to beta status, up from the developer channel released a month ago.

Version 80.0.361.32 is the build received when downloading from Edge Insider’s beta channel (meanwhile, the latest canary build is at 81.0.394.0 for ARM64).

While Microsoft released the new Edge browser for nearly all Windows devices, ARM64 devices like the Surface Pro X are on a different timeline. Microsoft told us last week that the official ARM64 version will likely be released as a non-beta roughly six weeks after today. Considering beta builds are on a six-week schedule, that sounds about right. That timing also lines up with the new Collections feature, which is getting some final polish before it too is released from beta…

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