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SanDisk unveils a portable 8TB SSD prototype and 1TB USB-C thumb drive

If you’re in the market for a portable SSD, you’re probably looking at drives that are at most 2TB in capacity — 4TB SSDs exist, but they’re few and far between. SanDisk is plowing ahead, though, and is showing off an 8TB SSD prototype at CES. The company says it’s the world’s highest capacity, pocket-sized SSD with a transfer rate of 20Gbps. The drive looks a bit bigger than the company’s current Extreme Portable External SSD models, but that’s to be expected, since it has a much higher capacity and transfers data roughly four times faster.

Since this is a prototype, there’s no telling when SanDisk will actually release a portable 8TB SSD, but with so few 4TB drives available, it may take a while for the market to be ready for such a large — and expensive — option. That said, it wouldn’t be a surprise if SanDisk were the first to market with an 8TB SSD — the company was the first to debut a 1TB microSD card earlier this year…

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