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Mighty’s iPod Shuffle for Spotify now works with Amazon Music

When Mighty arrived in 2017, the device offered the convenience of offline playback for Spotify. In other words, you could take your favorite tunes anywhere — and you didn’t need your phone to do it. Basically, it’s an iPod Shuffle for any albums, songs, playlists or podcasts you’ve made available offline. The company (which goes by the same name) returned in 2018 with the updated Mighty Vibe, a device with much improved Bluetooth range and more consistent battery life. Of course, there was still a key issue: it only worked with Spotify. Well, that changes today. Mighty now works with Amazon Music.

The process is the same for Amazon Music as it is for Spotify. You select the audio content you’d like to make available offline in the service’s app. Then you head over to the Mighty app on your phone to choose which of those items you’d like to sync to the device — once you’ve connected all your accounts, of course. That companion app will also let you know how much storage you’ve used along the way. All of your music syncs wirelessly and Mighty says you can expect to store over 1,000 songs at a time…

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