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CutiePi open source tablet crowdfunding campaign in the works, open source design files already available

The CutiePi is a tablet powered by a Raspberry Pi Computer Module 3 Lite. It’s designed to run Linux-based software such as Raspbian, and the design of the tablet is also open source.

First revealed earlier this year, the hardware and software are a little closer to final at this point — the CutiePi developers have posted some pictures and a video showing the custom CutiePi printed circuit board in action, and the design files are all available at github for anyone who wants to try manufacturing their own PCB and assembling their own tablet.

Don’t have the means to create your own printed circuit board? Eventually you’ll probably be able to just buy a tablet — the CutiePi developers have confirmed plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign that would allow them to mass produce the gadget…

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