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Xiaomi 100W fast charge is ready: 4,000 mAh in 17 minutes

More than half a year ago, we began to hear about a new fast-charging system developed by Xiaomi that reached 100W of power. Along with these statements, we saw a demonstration video that showed us the speed of this charging system, which left us crazy. Well, it has been almost 8 months since that time and today we see a promotional image of Xiaomi that shows us the name of this technology: Super Charge Turbo, which in a way confirms that it already has it ready to be marketed.

Currently, the fastest charging phone on the market is the Oppo Reno Ace, which uses a 65W charging power. There are other devices related to this brand that also have so fast charging systems, such as Realme, which with its X2 Pro reaches 50W of charging power. Well, Xiaomi wants to overcome Oppo’s technology and offer a charging power with a big difference and for that, it will use its 100W fast charge…

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