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Win32 applications now compatible with Windows UWP API

Non-packaged Win32 applications have a serious challenge in accessing many sought-after Windows APIs and features. The likes of BackgroundTasks, Notifications, LiveTiles, Share and more, are either not available or not easily callable. This is because the programming model for UWP APIs which integrates with the system depends on the following

  • Identity – The need for package or application identity to identify the caller, and an identifier to scope data and resources.
  • Registration – The need for configuration of machine state during application deployment, which is required by the API and indexed by the package or application identity.

UWP apps require identity and registration and are only available through the appmanifest xml file. In addition, it must connect to the app registration in the Microsoft Store. However, Microsoft is now opening these requirements to make them available through the new <allowExternalContent> element, or the Win32 type of Runtime Behavior type. This means that developers can now use the UWP API in Win32 applications by setting up some new configurations…

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