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RED shuts down its Hydrogen smartphone project, will continue supporting its sole phone

The first smartphone from high-end camera maker RED Digital Cinema is set to be the company’s last.

A year after releasing the RED Hydrogen One, company founder Jim Jannard has announced that he’s retiring… and shutting down the Hydrogen project.

Jannard says RED will continue to support the Hydrogen One and that development of “Komodo” continues. That’s expected to be some sort of high-end camera designed to work with the Hydrogen One also continues.

But it doesn’t seem like RED has any plans to launch a second phone, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the company stops selling the Hydrogen One after it runs out of stock.

It’s probably not a coincidence that the phone recently got a major price cut — at launch, the Hydrogen One sold for about $1300 and up. Today you can pick one up for $645… although you probably shouldn’t…

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