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Sony’s 360 Reality Audio launches this fall with 1,000 tracks

Sony isn’t letting Dolby corner the market on positional audio. Today, the electronics giant announced that 360 Reality Audio, its immersive listening technology that debuted at CES, is officially launching this fall. There will be around 1,000 tracks to start from the likes of Billy Joel and Bob Dylan. You’ll be able to access 360 Reality songs via Tidal, Amazon Music HD, Deezer and (which is a real service, we checked) on their respective iOS and Android apps.

Sony is basically trying to recreate the experience of listening to live music with 360 Reality Audio. Think of it like a step beyond stereo, you’d ideally be able to pick out where an instrument is being played on a sound field that completely surrounds you. We were impressed by the technology at CES, but had our reservations about Sony’s ability to deliver on an entirely new audio format (especially since high resolution has been languishing for years). And while Sony says the format supports high res audio, it’ll initially roll out with streaming-level quality (we couldn’t get them to list any specific numbers)…

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