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Gameboard-1 is a 16 inch tablet designed for boardgames (crowdfunding)

Over the years we’ve seen a handful of tablets that are theoretically large enough to play boardgames on. But the Gameboard-1 may is a tablet that’s not just a big Android device. It’s a smart screen designed to bring board games into the digital age.

It’s a 16″ x 16″ tablet that supports multitouch input — but which can also sense and interact with game pieces that are placed atop the board. Stick programmable bases to the bottom of your chess pieces or RPG figurines and the board can tell the difference between pawns and rooks, or see the  XP level of your wizard.

Developed by The Last Gameboard, a team that includes original Xbox system architect Rob Wyatt, the Gameboard-1 is still just a prototype at this point. But the folks behind the project have launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of delivering the first real hardware in late 2020…

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