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The new true wireless Pixel Buds are always listening

To say that Google’s Pixel Buds were “maligned” is putting it lightly. We even said that, compared to the competition (most notably Apple’s AirPods), they felt unfinished. But Google is giving it another go, with a truly wireless pair. The new Pixel Buds (no number differentiator here) don’t look terribly different from the originals, but this time there’s no cable connecting the two. And they have a nice two tone finish that matches the colors of the new Pixel phones. Google claims it’s also improved the fit. A number of reviewers complained that the originals weren’t terribly comfortable to wear over long periods of time. But the fit here has supposedly been reengineered and they sit flush with your ear, instead of sticking out like some sort of high-tech costume jewelry (or a Q-Tip broken in half)…

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