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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ on PC will support 4K and HDR

When Rockstar Games announced last week that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC on November 5th, the studio said the new release would include a variety of enhancements. Now that game is available to pre-order, Rockstar has detailed those improvements. To start, you can expect support for both 4K and HDR, in addition to support for multi-monitor setups, widescreen resolutions and frame rates above the 30 frames per second the game targeted on consoles.

While it’s a bummer PC owners have had to wait a year to play the new Red Dead, the good news is that they’ll get to take advantage of all the additional work Rockstar has poured into the title. One good example is HDR. When Red Dead Redemption 2 first came out on consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners noticed something strange with the game’s HDR implementation. An investigation by Digital Foundry eventually found that Red Dead‘s HDR mode did mostly nothing. Rockstar later fixed the feature when it released the game’s 1.09 patch this past May

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