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Amazon’s Echo Buds are an Alexa-powered answer to Apple’s Airpods

Apple has proven that combining true wireless earbuds with always-on access to a virtual assistant can be a reliable recipe for success. Its Airpods continue to be the best selling option, even as the true wireless scene really starts to take off. So, it’s no surprise then that Amazon is looking to cash in. Its Echo Buds don’t look terribly different from the competition. (They’ve got a bit of a Bragi vibe going on.) But they do allow you to talk to Alexa without touching a button — basically it’s an Echo you shove in your ears.

One thing the Echo Buds definitely have over their Apple competitors though, is noise cancellation. Airpods have none, whereas Amazon has partnered with Bose to borrow its active noise reduction tech. And while Bose isn’t king of the hill anymore when it comes to noise cancellation it’s still pretty dang good (not to mention a pioneer in the field)…

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