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Opera GX now lets you free up network bandwidth for your games and streams

Opera’s gaming browser, Opera GX, picked up some handy new features today. Initially launched during E3 2019, Opera GX comes with the ability to limit its RAM and CPU usage so you can prioritize your games, but Opera has added another option to the list: network bandwidth.

In the latest version of Opera GX, you’ll find a new network limiter alongside the CPU and RAM limiters. Gamers will be able to choose between several pre-defined values in KB/s or MB/s that will limit the amount of bandwidth the browser is allowed to use while on. From Opera:

The Network limiter allows people to choose how much of their network’s bandwidth they would like to devote to their browser – Opera GX will stick to that limit, which means the game they are playing or the streaming service launched outside of the browser might run more smoothly thanks to a larger net bandwidth at its disposal.

Alongside the new network limiter, Opera GX has added a game release calendar. Curated by a team at Opera, the integrated calendar gives you a quick overview of upcoming game releases. This feature joins other niceties already included in Opera GX, like a dedicated gaming news section and a curated list of deals…

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