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Alienware 55 OLED gaming monitor is an expensive 120Hz, 4K behemoth

At 55 inches, you’d be forgiven for thinking the new Alienware 55 OLED gaming monitor is just a TV with a touch of gaming-focused marketing. However, with plenty of gamer-centric features and specs, it’s more than just your run-of-the-mill televesion — and it has a price to match.

Introduced at Gamescom 2019, the Alienware 55 OLED gaming monitor carries a hefty $4,000 price tag. For your money, you’re getting a 55-inch 4K panel with a 0.5ms response time running at 120Hz for PCs built to push high framerates at such a resolution. With the ability to deliver stunning contrast and deep blacks at a per-pixel level, it’s the OLED display that will really shine here when paired with immersive games…

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