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A new vulnerability could affect all Intel PCs made after 2012, but a patch is available

A newly found vulnerability puts all Windows PCs with an Intel processor built after 2012 at risk (via ZDNet). The side-channel attack can bypass protections that were put in place to protect devices from the Spectre and Meltdown exploits. A bug fix to the issue rolled out as part of July Patch Tuesday. Devices that have delayed the update or that are unsupported are still at risk.

The bug exploits SWAPGS, and as a result has gained the name SWAPGSAttack. If an attacker successfully utilized SWAPGSAttack, they could monitor and steal sensitive information without being noticed or leaving a trace. Bitdefender has a post explaining the vulnerability and has published a whitepaper on it. The post explains how an attack taking advantage of this vulnerability is unique…

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