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GOG Galaxy 2.0 aims to put all your digital games in one place

Competition is supposed to be good, right? It means a bigger selection and better prices, so it’s great for consumers. But when the Epic Store launched last December, gamers were pissed. Because it meant their digital games collection was now fragmented between even more services. Gamers like having their collection all in one place, and for most that means sticking with Steam. That isn’t great for rival sites like GOG. While it was created as a place to buy classic titles, it’s evolved into a marketplace that sells a lot of indie games and even some AAA fare. It added some Steam-like features in its GOG Galaxy launcher, which incorporated things like play stats and leaderboards. But still, there was the fragmentation problem. Galaxy 2.0, now in closed beta, is designed to fix that problem by bringing everything back together…

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