xCloud game streaming hardware shown off in new video

In a new video with Fortune, Phil Spencer, the Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft, and Kareem Choudhry, Corporate Vice President of Gaming Cloud at Microsoft, talk about what Project xCloud means and how it will work in tandem with other devices. When talking about how they got to this point, Kareem stated that “I believe our journey to the cloud started with the original Xbox.” Phil Spencer also talked about things they have to consider, like how a game will look on an OLED TV versus a 10-inch tablet device. Phil Spencer added “In order for streaming to work in the long run, it has to support the diversity of business models we see in gaming.”

During the video, Kareem also shows off the hardware being installed in servers around the world. A “blade” for Project xCloud is currently made up of the internal parts of eight Xbox One S consoles. These blades are then stacked and installed in different datacenters around the globe…

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