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SiriOS could be Apple’s new IoT operating system

Perhaps not everyone knows that the HomePod – the smart speaker sold by Apple. Although not too successful (especially when compared to Amazon and Google). It runs a modified version of iOS. The thing is quite strange, since the Apple TV has its modified version but called tvOS. Apple Watch has its modified version called watchOS and iPad Pro has its modified version called iPadOS. It is not coincidence therefore that at the next WWDC 2020 Apple could introduce SiriOS. A new operating system designed for both HomePod but also for the IoT in general.

The “Voice Tech 2019” of the investment company Mangrove analyzes how it should change the way it interfaces with technology over the next 10 years. And as can be guessed from the name, it puts voice commands in first position. Combined with the use of systems based on artificial intelligence and machine learning…

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